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Can you imagine living the true you every day? This is actually what we all most long for…


When you ARE living the true you, everything gets easier. But it doesn’t start that way. We are often under pressure to conform to others ideas of who we should be. There can be risks involved in expressing your true self to others. Relationships may change. Others may not appreciate what you are doing for yourself.


You need a safe, nurturing space to explore who you really are, and what you really want and love and need to be happy. Having good support is key to making changes that are healthy, lasting and feel really good.


When you’re not living the true you - being your real authentic self – problems creep up in all areas of your life…



In Relationships


  • You find yourself repeating the same negative or unproductive patterns in your relationships and expecting different results.

  • You stay in relationships that you feel like you cannot fully be yourself in.

  • You have difficulties communicating with others and feeling connected.

  • You give up or stop trying to get your needs met, feeling resigned and/or depressed.

  • You experience marital conflicts that leave you feeling angry and frustrated, not sure what to do.



Feeling Depressed or Anxious


  • You feel moody, anxious, disempowered, irritable, stressed, blah, etc.

  • You have reoccurring negative thoughts that won’t go away.

  • You feel unsatisfied with your life even though you have everything materially and personally that you’ve ever thought that you wanted.

  • You feel sad or lonely, sometimes crying for no apparent reason.

  • You worry about things, maybe even having anxiety or panic attacks.

  • You feel unmotivated and procrastinate, putting things off.

  • You settle for things that you are not happy about.

  • You have health issues (stress-related illnesses, panic/anxiety attacks, fatigue, pain, frequent colds/compromised immune system).

  • You want to escape and may be overusing alcohol, food, smoking, sex, drugs, television and other vices to numb out.

  • You find it difficult to make decisions or transitions in your life.



Problems with Family


  • You feel your kids growing away from you and long to connect with them more deeply.

  • When interacting with your parents or siblings, you lose your sense of self or regress and feel like child again.

  • You worry that if you stand up for yourself or voice your needs with family, you will have to pay a price.

  • You worry about your children’s negative behaviors but don’t know that to do.

  • You feel frustrated with your adult siblings or aging parents.





Maybe the same issues just keep coming up, over and over. You just can’t get a handle on what’s holding you back from expressing and honoring your true self. Therapy is a very supportive and nurturing environment to explore and work with those elements. Read more about if counseling is the right approach for you here



Healing Trauma/EMDR


Is there a specific incident that occurred that seems to interfere with you living your true self? Perhaps an event that caused you pain and confusion that keeps coming up, something you cannot seem to let go of? Or are you experiencing recurring anxiety or negative thoughts that just won’t go away? If so, then maybe it’s time to clear that trauma. EMDR would be a great avenue for you to explore. Click here to learn more…



Life Coaching


Okay, so maybe you know the issues, but just can’t seem to get them to change on your own. Your true self is right there, waiting to be brought forward. Coaching is a helpful and supportive environment to facilitate changes. Read more about that here



I help people do the work of self-exploration and self-expression through psychotherapy, healing trauma/EMDR and coaching. I do this work with individuals (adults, children and adolescents), couples, families, groups and in private practice and workplace settings.


Give me a call so we can talk about what might be the best way for you to embrace your true self. I’d love to offer you a free half-hour consultation to talk about the true you. You can schedule some time with me by calling (510) 520-2811 or emailing me here.


Life Coaching and Counseling

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life coaching lafayette


life coaching lafayette


life coaching lafayette


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life coaching lafayette