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Meet Christine

Licensed Therapist & Life Coach

Christine’s coaching service focuses on deepening the client’s discovery process with their true Self. It is from this place of accessing who we truly are that real and meaningful change can occur. Christine takes her clients on a journey into themselves, and explores where they are now, and where they want to go. She helps clients with gaining clarity about themselves, in discovering and living life purpose, with relationships and career and skills enhancement. Christine has been a licensed life coach since 2009, providing services worldwide.


One of Christine’s great passions in her work is using EMDR to move people through blocks and obstacles in their lives. She integrates this approach into her work with life coaching and counseling as she feels is appropriate. She loves this technique because it moves people through those places that people often get stuck and, when this is lifted, people often feel immediate relief. Christine has been a certified EMDR practitioner since 2007, providing EMDR to both therapy clients as well as life coaching clients.


What is unique about Christine is her passion and determination for discovering healthy new ways for tapping into living life in more full, whole and optimal ways. Christine uses a holistic approach integrating a variety of theories and modalities. Just as each person has a unique and true Self to embrace and express, Christine works with each client in an individual way. She collaborates with clients to help them tap into their innate ability to heal, and to recognize their internal strengths and wisdom.


Christine is warm and kind, yet direct and honest, and she understands the importance of providing a safe, nurturing and empathic environment for her clients. She emphasizes strengths, skill building, and the healing of past emotional wounds as she clarifies with her clients what needs to shift in order to get them where they’d like to be.


Please feel free to contact Christine online or call her at (510) 520-2811. She would love to talk with you about how to clear away your pain, help you discover your desires and dreams, and help you take the action needed to make them your reality.

Counselor and therapist
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