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Manifesting Your Deeper Desires in 2023

Virtual Vision Board Workshop

Saturday, January 21st, 2023

10am - 3pm PST

$75 Fee

"I'm not going to continue knocking that old door that doesn't open for me. I'm going to create my own door and walk through that.”— Ava DuVernay

Vision boarding is a way to manifest those deeper, subconscious desires within yourself. It is a fun, inspiring and revealing way to allow for new possibilities to come into your life. It has been known to be a powerful catalyst for creating transformation, hope and motivation - effortlessly moving people towards more meaning and fulfillment in their lives. Right now more than ever this kind of activity can bring new ideas, strength and resiliency into your life. I hope you join us!

In this virtual workshop you’ll choose whether to make a physical vision board using a poster board, magazine clippings and glue sticks or to create a digital one using online apps and tools, such as, Pinterest, Powerpoint, Canva, Keynote, PhotoShop, etc. Whatever feels right to you will be the most beneficial. More to follow…

Enter your email address and name to sign up. More information will be emailed to you shortly with the details. All are welcome to come play! 

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Pay by ETF (Zelle, etc.), VENMO, PAYPAL, Check or Credit card.

More information will follow about how to prepare for the workshop.

(Please submit donations one of three ways:


1. Venmo me at Christine Roslund@Christine-Roslund and put "Inspiration" in the "for what?" box.


2. PayPal me at or use my phone number 510-520-2811 or email address


3. Mail a check to Christine Roslund, 286 Santa Clara Ave, Oakland, CA 94610.


(If I have your credit card on file you can tell me if you'd like to pay that way too, and how much.)

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Thanks for joining us!

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