The Launch & Empty Nest

The Launch & Empty Nest

“Find Joy in the Journey”

– Thomas Monson

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There comes a time in EVERY family’s experience that can be exciting, scary, and emotionally charged – teens are getting ready to leave the nest.
You’ve been thinking about this transition for 18 years.  Change is at hand for you and your family, and it’s important to prepare for this new stage of your lives.  This new stage can be challenging.  But, when it’s acknowledged appropriately, it can become an exciting journey- it can make all the difference in how you and your family adjust emotionally, practically, and relationally.

The separation from one's children, or from one's parents, is one of the biggest transitions a person will ever experience.  Often, the emotional impact of this transition goes un-acknowledged, which can make the whole experience more difficult. 


Parents, you may feel

  • Your children are pushing you away;

  • Worried about about how your child will do once they are on their own;

  • The departure of your child leaves you in an identity crisis.  

Teens and young adults,  you may be

  • trying to test your independence;

  • experiencing anxiety about starting a new phase and moving to a new place

  • feeling pressure to do well.   


This is a good time for both young adults and their parents to express their fears, excitements, and questions openly with someone whether it be their parents or other trusted, supportive person. For more information please visit

A smooth transition IS possible for all involved, once we acknowledge the difficulties and embrace the possibilities.  This transition sets the stage for the next chapters of one's life, and sets the stage for how relationships between parents and children will transform.  This is an open door, and the opportunity to grant proper closure for this stage, so that the next chapter can be a positive, fresh beginning.
I am offering support for parents, young adults, their families and everyone involved in this transition.  I am here to help parents discover where they will head in their own lives; to bring them out of feeling stuck or hopeless, and help them realize the width and breadth of their futures and their children’s.  I am here to help young adults transitioning into college by preparing them with emotional and social well-being to succeed in their new surroundings.  Together, we can work to create a smooth and positive transition, and bring joy to your family’s journey.


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