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Launchees:  Young Adults, Teens, College-bound youth



  • Ready to start thinking about going away to college?

  • Feeling anxious, nervous or excited about the college application process, or waiting to see where you are accepted?

  • Feeling sad, excited or a mixture of both about separating from living with your family?

  • Do you feel yourself pulling away from your good friends, or unsure of how you’ll do when meeting new ones?

  • Concerned about how you will do on your own?

  • Excited to step into your independence and young adulthood?

  • Need some practical living skills to help you feel more at ease?

  • Want to make sure this chapter in your life has positive closure, so you can begin your next chapter without baggage?

  • Returning back home after being away for a while?

  • Need a plan?


I help young people in all stages of being launched into their independence to transition with ease & confidence, helping them gain a sense of clarity about where they are headed and what they want to achieve. I work with every stage of this process. Whether you are still living at home and have a couple of years before you make this transition; or you’re in the process of choosing a college that will meet your unique needs, and transitioning to college; or you are in college currently (or have returned home from being at college) and need some direction as to what the next step is. There are many options and possibilities available to you that you may not have thought of if you are feeling stuck, anxious, confused, depressed, down on yourself or just plain at a loss.



Is What I'm Feeling OK?


This stage of life is often filled with many feelings ranging from uncertainty to empowerment, from fear to excitement, from stress to confusion, and commonly anxiety  and depression. In today’s world the pressure for young people is so much greater and the demands have increase tremendously even when it comes just to getting into schools! This phase of life will make an impact on your future and it is important to handle it with care, learning to manage your responsibilities and the choices you make.  Knowing what is in your control and what is not, can make all the difference in your success. Often, parents and adults put the pressure on getting good grades, but It’s not only about getting good grades… even though that is important, there are other things that need to be considered to make this a truly integrated transition that will allow you to feel fulfilled and like you have really accomplished what you want.



So, What's Next?


In order for you to have the greatest impact in this stage of your life it is important to be well prepared for the experience.  You can do your part to give yourself the best chance at succeeding. It is important to feel some sort of balance, to have fun and find connections. It is important to get these needs fulfilled and learn moderation, because the balance can help put your mind at ease and will actually improve how you perform in your studies. When you are feeling content in other areas in your life and connected, you thrive more and want to do better.


There are multifaceted changes coming your way.  You’ll need to learn:


  • To be attuned with yourself and connected to what you truly want

  • To manage, identify and appropriately express your feelings

  • To prepare for the practical skills of living alone, such as cooking and eating healthy, exercising, managing your money, and time management

  • How you can connect to social circles you feel a part of, having protocols for when difficult situations come up

  • How to deal with intimate relationships

  • How to handle your new family dynamics as your relationships are changing


“Education  is  not  the  filling  of  a  pail  

But  the  lighting  of  a  fire.”

- William Butler Yeats





One of the most important beliefs to have is a sense that “I can do it!” and it is important that you can actually imagine yourself succeeding in the way you’d like. If you have more doubts, this could potentially sabotage your experience.  All of the aspects of yourself—intellectual, physical, mental, emotional and social—need to be taken into account. This will allow for your journey to be more sustainable in the direction you set out for, to be more pleasurable and rewarding.


There are a large number of first year university students that don’t make it and return home. I believe this is largely due to their not being more prepared for the experience of being on their own and that they are lacking many of the skills often not taught. A lot of these young adults experience depression, anxiety, feel overwhelmed and all alone.   They don’t know what to do about it. Or, often they turn to partying and losing touch with themselves and what they really want.


But when you learn how to appropriately deal with the practical, social and emotional aspects of life you will truly be equipped to manage the ebb and flow of life.  It allows you to learn what your needs are and provides you with an opportunity to meet them. It gives you a chance to really deal with your transitions, and allows you the opportunity to attend to your basic needs. Once those needs are met, then you can focus on your next priorities with a clear mind. This will bring a deeper sense of fulfillment and will free you up to focus on your studies along with other things that are important to you. You will be simultaneously reaching your overall goals in the bigger picture as well as your immediate goals of the here and now.


I offer a variety of services ranging from individual life coaching and counseling, family counseling, workshops, support groups and I do presentations to educate young people about how to be better prepared for their independence. I would love to speak with you more about your situation and how I can support you!





Offices located in Lafayette and Hayward, close to Walnut Creek, Danville, Alamo, Orinda,

Moraga, San Ramon, Pleasanton, Pleasant Hill, Martinez, Castro Valley and Fremont.