Can't Fake the Funk

November 15, 2016


Last week in a life coaching session one of my clients said, “I just can’t fake the funk anymore”.  I really liked the catchiness of this phrase and especially the meaning behind it. (She gave me permission to use it here.) “Can’t Fake the Funk” refers to getting to a point within yourself where you cannot hold back from living your authentic self. It is when you are speaking and living your truth, and knowing that is the only way to live the life you truly want.


“Funk” refers to when things just aren’t going right in some aspect of your life and you feel like something is off. Whether it’s that you aren’t listening to yourself, and doing what you know you are supposed to be doing to honor your deeper truth. Or, maybe it’s, settling in relationships where you don’t feel respected, honored or like you matter and you go along with it. Perhaps you are feeling distraught, a sense of hopelessness and/or disconnected with all that is going on right now with the election.


When you “fake the funk” and pretend that it doesn’t exist this actually turns you into someone who you are not, and negative behaviors, thoughts, beliefs and attitudes develop. It may feel safe initially but over time becomes toxic and erodes relationships, self-esteem, motivation, connection and success.


“Can’t fake the funk” is about getting to a point within yourself where you are respecting yourself and other people enough to speak your truth, to own what is not working for you anymore and to take action about it.  It’s about being proactive, not passive.  This opens up for new opportunities of growth, health, fulfillment and meaning in your life.


When you are being authentic to what you know is true to yourself it promotes transformation in your relationships and life. It may mean that some relationships and other things will change. But, that may be important if it’s holding you back, making you unhappy and not working.  Or, it may just transform them into ones that are healthier, more connecting and fulfilling.


If and when you get to the point of “can’t fake the funk” anymore it will make room for what’s to come that will be more in alignment with your deeper truth. This is how to shape your life in the direction that will best serve, support and make you grow into your higher self. It will allow you to expose your greater gifts to the world!   





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Christine Roslund has over 20-plus years working with over 1,000 families, individuals and couples providing compassionate, individualized, holistic, and solution-based therapy. She is a licensed Marriage Family Therapist and received her master’s degree in Holistic Studies in Counseling Psychology at John F. Kennedy University. Christine is a motivational speaker and author as well.


Christine is also certified in a technique called EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). EMDR clears both big and small traumas in a relatively easy and fast way with long lasting results. EMDR helps transform irrational negative beliefs and helps you feel free of past negative experiences. This therapy helps integrates your mind/body, so that what your new accurate beliefs after clearing the negative irrational beliefs match how you feel inside your body.


She is also a Certified Life Coach helping people who are stagnant and need motivation, or those who are unclear about what they want in their life and need guidance, and those who would like to know how to move in the direction they desire.

For more information about how Christine can help you, please check out her website at and if you have any questions she will be happy to answer them.


Sign up for your free monthly newsletter here to recieve tips , inspiration, support and ideas about how you can live your true self more fully. Her motto is being true to you which means living from your core self, the part of you that knows and has all of the right answers for yourself. This will provide the greatest possibility for life fulfillment.

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