• Christine Roslund, MFT, CPC

A Gift of Love

As the Beetles put it ‘all we need is love’. Love is probably the single most important emotion that helps us feel like our life has meaning, purpose and fulfillment. Love heals, feels good and encourages people to be more vulnerable. Developing your ability to give and to receive love is a win-win for everyone, giving the opportunity to be more fulfilled in relationships and to experience more feelings of kindness and support.

Being human isn’t easy and we all have our ups and downs. True acts of love come in many forms, such as, giving affirmations, gifts, time, gestures, favors, looks, etc. Unconditional love means there are no strings attached, no expectations of getting something in return. When you experience unconditional love you are allowing your authentic self to come forth! Notice how it feels when you give from this place.

One powerful and deep gift you can give a loved one is reminding them of their magic, or the things that you see in them that you appreciate and makes them who they are, espeically when they have lost access to remembering those things about themselves! This really isn't that difficult of a thing to do and what good habit to develop that will actually build resiliency in others that help them in difficult times. This certainly will help your loved ones get out of their funk sooner when they feel authentic support and love. Imagine times when others have done this with you. How did it make you feel? Powerful, huh?

This practice helps strengthen your self-love muscle too. The more you can express your love and authenticity the more you are practicing how to love yourself and allow others to love you. Give a gift of love and see what happens.

If you are having difficulty accessing the feeling of love in your life you may want to get some support on how to clear away those things that are blocking you from experiencing such an amazing gift.

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