• Christine Roslund, MFT, CPC

Tis' the Season to Take Extra Good Care

Thanksgiving starts it out and before you know it we are in holiday season galore until after New Year’s Day. Whether you love the holidays, dread them or find them a mixed bag, they are going to happen. It’s a time that many people become more sentimental, sensitive, overindulgent, joyful, loving, sad, disappointed and much more. Holidays are often so focused on others. For those of you that put much of your attention on others, try to include yourself with the ‘others’ regarding putting your attention this season!

My hope for you is to feel fulfilled, joyful and aligned with what’s truly important to you this season! Here is my gift to you, a few suggestions on how you can take extra care of yourself and make this time of the year special for you.

1. Do you have any traditions you like to do during this time of year? Maybe it’s going to a special holiday event or doing an activity that makes you feel like you are getting into the season like making cookies or taking yourself ice skating. Or, maybe there is something new that you haven’t done yet that you’d like to try.

2. Make a plan around how you would like to eat during the holidays. Notoriously the holidays are a time that many people overindulge which doesn’t always feel good in your body. Be aware of what you are eating, set up some guidelines around how you want to do food this time of year and put some more efforts into increasing your physical activity during this time.

3. What’s going to work for you in terms of giving this season? It is so easy to get bogged down with the commercialism of the holidays. You don’t have to participate in that if you do not want to. Is there anyone you’d like to give something to? If so, what? If that is doable then go for it and it will be gratifying to you. Maybe sending a card, getting together, suggesting a gift exchange or making something special for someone you care about will hit the mark for you this year.

4. Maybe you are not in the mood or do not like the holidays and need to take a step back. That’s okay too! And, it’s okay not participate if that’s what is best for you. It is sometimes a painful time for people. Take extra care of those sensitive feelings that come up! If you can, plan something that you’d love to do during this time that has nothing to do with the holidays.

5. Are you planning to be with family? If so, this often can be charged. It’s easy to fall into your old role and get triggered or feel an underlying sense of disappointment surface. Prepare yourself for this. It will most likely happen. You may want to suggest doing something different with your family than what you usually do. Perhaps bring a game or activity that either allows you to get to know each other better or have an external focus where everyone can have fun and connect.

6. Most importantly, take a little time each day this season to be with yourself even if it’s just for a 10-15 minutes. Check in with your deeper self and see what would be a good gift for you to give yourself for the day or for the next day if you are doing this in the evening.

Please feel free to contact me if you care to share how you are doing or if you’d like some support around this holiday season. I’d love to hear from you even just to let me know how you are doing!

May you have a wonderful season with heartfelt care for yourself!


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