• Christine Roslund, MFT, CPC

Law of Attraction

Simply put and well directed, this quote says that we attract our essence in all aspects of our life – relationships, health, career and more. I like this quote even though it may be a bit tough to swallow sometimes. To me this quote wakes me up and makes me want to take full responsibility for myself, including all of my actions, thoughts, attitudes and behaviors. I believe this is truly how to attain the life I truly desire. It's not always easy but it's sure nice to have some guidance to remind me of where I'm headed. When I like what I am this makes me feel like I'm on track. When I struggle with what I am this quote helps me get realigned and remember what I need to be doing. Just wanted to share this with you and remind you that staying focused on YOU in this context may help you bring in more positivity and alignment in your life as well.


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