• Christine Roslund, MFT, CPC

Loving Yourself

For many of you, the idea of loving yourself may bring up negative connotations. Maybe it sounds like a strange concept that you associate with egoism, narcissism or self-centeredness, and seems like something you want to stay far away from. But I'd like to share with you that through loving yourself you can actually increase your life passion and fulfillment! Practicing self-love creates an ability to show up in your life with your greatest potential and ultimately bring this wholeness into your relationships and the world. Loving yourself and deepening your inner bond with yourself allows you to deepen relationships with loved ones, manifest your true longing and begin your journey towards life satisfaction.

How well do you love yourself?

Take my Self-Love Quiz to get a baseline of where you are at today. I recommend taking this quiz again in three months, six months and nine months in order to see how you are growing through the course of your practice.

Self-Love Quiz

Take out a separate piece of paper and write today's date on it. Then read the questions and write out your answers. Be as honest as you can.

  1. Are you relaxed in your body? Are you aware of your breathing? Do you naturally tend to breathe deeply? Shallowly? Somewhere in between?

  2. How consciously do you live your day-to-day life? Do you try to make the best of your moment-to-moment experiences? Do you have a daily practice that supports you in making sure you will have the best day possible? What is it?

  3. Do you live in congruence with yourself? That is, do you express to the world what you truly feel and want? Are you more likely to hide your self and your feelings from the world? (Alignment between your external cues and your internal beliefs, thoughts, and feelings is one aspect of living in congruency. I'll be talking more about that in upcoming newsletters.)

  4. Are you clear about your priorities and honor them accordingly? Can you easily say "no" if you need to or want to?

  5. Do you feel lovable? Do you believe you are deserving of love? How deeply can you take in the feeling of being loved by others and by yourself?

  6. Do you live in a mindset of abundance? Do you believe that there is more than enough of everything and that your needs, wants and desires are all manifesting in this moment?

I will be addressing some of these topics in upcoming newsletters and offering you some practical tools that you can work with to increase your capacity for self-love. If you are not already signed up to receive my monthly Being True 2 You newsletter you can sign up here. In the meantime, here is a quick 3-step process you can use anytime, that will help you to increase your level of attunement with your core self:

· Notice your breath.

· Once your breathing is in a naturally relaxed state, go within and ask yourself: How am I feeling in this moment? What am I needing and wanting right now?

· Do what you need to do to honor yourself and your inner experience.

Stay tuned for upcoming newsletters with tips and tools for increasing your self-love and deepening your relationship with yourself.

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