• Christine Roslund, MFT, CPC

Find Joy in the Journey

Life can throw curve balls at you. There are times when things are not the way you imagined they would be. These times present a great opportunity for growth. At this point in your journey, you'll need to face reality instead of avoiding it. It may feel scary at first, but it is empowering to face what is truly happening in all aspects of your life. From this vantage point, you have the power to make real things happen in your life and to feel greater sense of control. Abandoning avoidance and truly facing your reality will enable you to really move forward in your life and create it to be just the way that you’d like it to be. Facing reality, what truly is, and integrating that into your life allows for a more sustainable joy in your journey. We all have areas in our lives that we would rather avoid at times. For you, perhaps it has to do with relationship issues, financial problems, a dissatisfying career choice, family issues, health issues or any other area you feel angst about. The problem is that when you don't own your issues, they don’t just go away. They are still yours, and if you continue to neglect them, they'll eventually own you. It's time to face the major issues in your journey, or you'll soon be paying a price. Thinking you can avoid everything just a bit longer? You'll soon find some symptoms, such as: feeling stuck in a relationship or job, turning to vices (food, alcohol, drugs, shopping, spending too much time on the internet, tv, etc.), developing health problems (stomach problems, sleeping problems) or mental instabilities (depression and anxiety). Even if you can't pinpoint a specific ailment I've just listed, your overall sense of well-being is likely impacted. It is not always easy to deal head-on with your issues, because honestly, it is not a comfortable thing. It may change things in your life, and you may not feel up to it at a given time. It could feel like you're opening a giant can of worms. It's easy to just settle for the status quo and pretend that your problems don’t exist until they catch up to you and you cannot ignore them anymore. When this happens is actually when people change because they feel like there is no other choice. It is in these times that true transformation occurs. You'll feel a sense of relief because what has always been there is finally being addressed and you are not trying to block it from your consciousness. You will feel a sense of freedom as you are awakened to your true reality. From this reality, you can grow and move toward where you really want to be going in your life. This is where the joy lives... even though initially it may not feel that way. Facing the reality of what is truly going on within yourself is such a liberating experience. It allows for more authentic connections with others, with yourself, and frees up the energy to really focus on your life in a more conscious way, where you are creating and doing what is most important to you. When you are living your true self in this way, you can make bigger things happen in your life. You'll find a deeper sense of calm, inner peace, fulfillment and gratification is born. It takes courage to take the first steps on this path and to become very honest with yourself. Explore and accept what is not working in your life. Once you have taken this first step, there is a joy that begins to come into your life as you are living in alignment with your true self. It is a wonderful experience that I hope you will explore! Here is an exercise that can help get you back into alignment with your true self and help you find more joy on your journey: 1. Ask yourself, “Is there anything that I am avoiding right now because I don’t feel like dealing with it?” 2. When you find something, write down the possible solutions to dealing with the issue(s). Brainstorm all of the possibilities. 3. Then, check in with your inner self and notice how it feels in your body, as you explore each possible solution. 4. Make a clear and conscious decision about the action you will take to deal with each issue. Following these steps will address the avoidance issues in your life and stop letting them eat away at you. Acknowledging the issue and exploring solutions is the first step of finding more joy on your journey. You will be living in a healthier, more conscious and joyful, empowered way where you are in the driver seat. At least living this way, you are doing your part in what you have control over and that makes it easier to let go of those things you do not have any control over. This way of living allows you to live more in alignment with your true self. As always I’d love to hear how this exercise goes for you! If you find that you need support please let me know. I am here to support you on your journey so you can get the most out of it!

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