• Christine Roslund, MFT, CPC

Be The Person You Want to Become

Do you believe in the person you want to be? Can you really imagine to the degree of feeling what it’s like to be that person? Do you see, hear, taste, smell and feel from the place of this great person? The reason this is so important is that in order to live from this place you must believe fully in this person you want to become. When you do your life changes, the world responds differently to you and new possibilities open up!

When you don’t believe in who you want to be, the same ol’ patterns continue and you get what you usually get in all areas of your life, including, relationships, health, finances, emotions, career, mental state, life satisfaction, etc.

In order to step into this place within you may need to take a good look at yourself and sort a few things out. There are many things that can block you from stepping into this place within, such as, struggling in a relationship that isn’t working, carrying around irrational negative beliefs about yourself, having difficulty releasing pain from the past, experiencing job dissatisfaction and the list goes on. These things can be shifted so they don’t need to stop you from believing in who you are to become!

It’s worth some attention so that you can shine and be that person you know deep inside that you really are!

If you are struggling or just not quite there yet, I am here to help. Just call me and we can talk about it.

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