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Love And Compassion

“So true! Without love and compassion for each other, we are nothing, soul-less”, one blogger wrote of this quote. Love and compassion are not optional, they are a must! Without them our lives do not feel complete and we do not get to experience our humanness to the fullest. According to the dictionary love is: “ a profound tender, passionate affection for another person.” The dictionary defines compassion as: “a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering. “ It’s important to have a reminder of these meanings once in a while since they are truly essential to your wellbeing. When you feel love and compassion there is nothing like it. Love and compassion are so powerful. They truly can transform and heal you. They promote a healthy sense of self, giving you a sense of connection, unconditional acceptance and a feeling that you are not alone. We all need to experience these feelings in order to feel fulfilled and content in our lives. I realized that when I am not paying attention to those qualities it affects my level of fulfillment in everything I do from working to socializing to practicing my self-care. I notice when I am not integrating these qualities into my daily activities I am not feeling as gratified, patient, receptive or as productive. I believe these qualities are truly linked to bringing success into my life! I am excited to take on a challenge to see what will happen and you are welcome to join me if you feel inspired. It’s an experiment! For the next 28 days I am going to start a practice of cultivating more love and compassion into my life. It is going to go like this:

  1. Each morning spend 10-15 minutes doing a Loving Kindness Meditation. This meditation will go like this: May all beings be happy, feel loved and at peace. (You can customize the words to fit what feels right to you.) I will be meditating with this mantra, first taking that in for myself, then extending it outwards toward my loved ones, then to others in my surrounding area until it expands to include every being around the world.

  2. Then throughout my day if I realize I am not coming from love and compassion, I am going to stop and do the following steps: Take a moment to go within and get reconnected. If necessary practice the mantra again or just take a few deep breaths.

This practice promotes more feelings of love and compassion by developing new neural pathways in our brains. This supports the functioning of the parasympathetic nervous system which helps calm the amygdala. The amygdala is where our emotions are processed. Supporting the parasympathetic nervous system also increases resiliency in our lives. Cultivating love and compassion may at times seem like an impossible task – especially when you are under stress and love and compassion are harder to access. But that is where the growing edge is and the exact muscle that needs to develop. I will document this process so I can really know what happens. And I will keep you posted as to how this experiment goes! Would you like to join me and see what happens with you in this experiment? I’d love to know if you take on this practice and to hear how it goes for you. Please share with me. May you be happy, peaceful and feel loved!


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