Parents / Empty Nesters: Support Group

Parents Support Group


This support group is intended to provide a safe place that will meet you where you are at in the process of becoming or being an empty nester.


You will be able to:


  • Process your hopes, fears, stress, anxiety, confusion, sadness, frustration, and/or grief. 

  • Learn new ways of coping with letting go of your children as they are leaving the nest

  • Find ways to transition to a new relationship with them as individual and young adults.

  • Get support in getting clear about your next steps in the next phase of your life.


The group setting will allow you to participate in a way where each member will be able to contribute and gain information from others going through the same phase of life You’ve been preparing them and yourself for this transition and it can feel very intense and leave you will many feelings that feel unfamiliar and uncomfortable. The group is intended to support you during this part of your transition and help you land on your feet in a stronger, more empowered and clearer place.


You are not alone!  Through attending this group you will meet others who are going through the same issues. It will be supportive and lower your anxiety, helping you surrender to the process and learn how to focus on you again. You will realize there is a life after children and it can be an exciting thing to focus on as your transitioning into it.  It will help you have a more conscious transition with your youth into their young adulthood.


Charge- $80 per group


Structure- Meet weekly for 8 weeks 





Offices located in Lafayette and Hayward, close to Walnut Creek, Danville, Alamo, Orinda,

Moraga, San Ramon, Pleasanton, Pleasant Hill, Martinez, Castro Valley and Fremont.

“Life  is  an  echo,  what  you  send  out  comes  back.”

– Chinese Proverb

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