Parents / Empty Nesters: Counseling

Empty Nesters Counseling


Counseling services will provide an opportunity to deal with more intense issues going on in the ‘Empty Nest’ process.  Parents who are struggling with the transition to empty nest may feel like this struggle is impacting their life. This psychotherapy will address some of the emotions that you are experiencing and help you clear the past issues that you may still be holding onto (making it hard to move on).

Parents may be struggling with:


  • difficulty with their children as they are testing their freedoms or pushing away.

  • how to rekindle a meaningful relationship with their spouses

  • frustration, grief, and a feeling of identity crisis.

Counseling will help couples learn how to transition into this phase together and help them co-create their new life together. Together we can clear issues from the past so that you can move forward with a cleaner slate.
Promise- You can make it through this intense phase of life and with a little support it can really help you land in a place that can bring great joy to your life and your relationships, and help you get clear about where you’d like to be moving towards in your next phase of life.


In a safe, nurturing environment we will:


  • process what you are struggling with

  • clear away any irrational negative beliefs,

  • help you feel more comfortable in your own skin

  • create proper closure to this phase


This can help both you and your children as they are transitioning into a very big unknown themselves. Having good closure is really important for everyone in order to make their phase of life easier and providing a deeper sense of security within everyone. 
 Charge- $150 per 50 min session
Structure- Individual, Couples and/or Family





Offices located in Lafayette and Hayward, close to Walnut Creek, Danville, Alamo, Orinda,

Moraga, San Ramon, Pleasanton, Pleasant Hill, Martinez, Castro Valley and Fremont.

“Life  is  an  echo,  what  you  send  out  comes  back.”

– Chinese Proverb

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