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Empty Nester Life Coaching


Coaching is ideal for parents (couples or individuals) in the launching phase who want to get clear about the next phase of their life. Parents who have lived for their children may feel a big void once they have left home.   Individual life coaching is a structured program which will provide you will a set of tools to get clear on the next phase of your life.

It will:


  • Examine what you truly value and believe

  • Help you get clear about what would truly make you happy and fulfilled in the next chapters.

  • Help you get a clear vision on what you’d like to bring into your next phase of your life.

  • Examine obstacles that you may encounter and make plans about how you will move through them.

Our step-by-step process will give you a plan that will show you how to create a fresh future. It will address important aspects of your life that are important to you—relationships, career, finance, health, spirituality, leisure, or whatever you’d like to put more focus on in the future.

Promise- Transformation is inevitable and positive changes will happen. This is a very powerful process that brings change and clarity. You will learn what you want and how to live your life more passionately, motivated and with great clarity about what you long for in your life.

Charge- $150 per

Structure- Individual sessions, 50 minutes long





Offices located in Lafayette and Hayward, close to Walnut Creek, Danville, Alamo, Orinda,

Moraga, San Ramon, Pleasanton, Pleasant Hill, Martinez, Castro Valley and Fremont.

“Life  is  an  echo,  what  you  send  out  comes  back.”

– Chinese Proverb

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