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College-Bound Prep 101:

Preparing for your Success Workshop

Learn how to deal with the many new stresses that come with going away to college

In this workshop you will learn how to…


  • appropriately identify, express and manage difficult, awkward feelings and thoughts

  • strengthen your internal resources and learntools that you can take with you to use to make yourself feel calm, centered and focused so you feel good in your own skin

  • become more resilient when things don’t go the way you’d like

  • use protocols for handling various typical situations like, peer pressure, what to do if you feel isolated or depressed,

  • how to connect with like-minded people and get clear about who you are

  • maximize your time and energy so you stay focused on what most serves you to reach your personal and academic goals

  • use the resources available to you when you need some extra support

Going away to college soon? If so, you are about to embark on a life-changing and unforgettable lifetime experience! This is most likely a time filled with a lot of emotions and changes in your social life. How well you handle this transition can make or break your college experience. That is why it is important to be well prepared to ensure that your launch has it’s greatest chance for success.


Are you...

  • Ready to fly the coop and experience more independence ?

  • Prepared for how you will handle stress, unexpected events and manage your time ?

  • Concerned about how well you are going to do with your studies ?

  • Curious about how to create a social circle that you really feel you fit into ?

  • Wondering how dating may be different in college versus high school ?Prepared for what to do if you are feeling down, anxious or overwhelmed ?


It is normal for all of these thoughts and feelings to be coming up now. Preparing yourself around these issues can make you have a smoother transition. It can help you more easily reach your academic and personal goals. Come and start building your toolbox of how to handle life’s ups and downs so that you will not be sideswiped by them. That way you can stay focused on what you want to accomplish and be more resilient when ‘life’ happens.


Offices located in Lafayette and Hayward, close to Walnut Creek, Danville, Alamo, Orinda,

Moraga, San Ramon, Pleasanton, Pleasant Hill, Martinez, Castro Valley and Fremont.


Testimonials for Christine’s workshops:


“Christine created a warm and safe environment within which to connect more deeply to myself. ...Many insights surfaced for me and the process helped me clarify those goals that are truly speaking from my soul. I highly recommend her workshops!



“... It helped me to get a clearer direction for my life. My self-confidence has improved and I am feeling happier and healthier as a result of this class. I am more in touch with what is important to me and the things I need to do to reach my goals.”



“I’m staying on track for my goals, every time I reach a goal, I’m replacing it with a new one because goals are very dynamic. I will definitely do a few new things as well in my life that may not be comfortable to me, but will challenge me personally.



“I highly recommend Christine as a life coach. Her program helped me to analyze my strengths and weaknesses in an entirely new way, pushing me to balance my life more fully. I had no idea I would make as much progress as I actually have... It has been truly amazing!”