Embracing The True You

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Embracing the True You



When I refer to Embracing the True You and being truly you, your True Self... I am talking about coming from that place inside yourself that makes you, well, you. It is your essence and the wise part of you, that place within that has your all knowing and truth about how you view yourself and others and things in the world.



As you learn, or re-learn, to access this place, you will notice many things. You will be more attuned to what you believe, feel and think in a more conscious and deeper way, without the lenses of others blurring your truths. You will gain clarity and availability to what really matters to you, so you can navigate your life more fully.



When you have access to, and live from, this deeper place within, listening to and honoring what is being revealed, is when you have the greatest opportunity for transformation. Through this growth and exposure to your deeper True Self, an illumination will be radiating in your life, both inwards and outwards. Deepening your connection with yourself gets mirrored in your relationships with others. As you deepen in your relationship to yourself, so does your ability to connect with others, allowing for more intimacy and acceptance of each other. This allows a stronger capacity for giving and receiving great gifts, such as love and compassion, and other positive things that maybe you’ve had a hard time taking in.



Barriers to Accessing the True You


Often, we are not given permission to embrace our True Self. We are, in fact, frequently discouraged from this by others. Unfortunately, not living from this place creates a lot of problems and dysfunctions in our relationships, both personal and societal. Not living in this place sees our needs left unattended and unfulfilled.


We need to learn how to fill up ourselves and not rely on others to do this for us. It is through deepening your relationship to your true Self that you can learn how to live more unconditionally with yourself and others. I am here to say that you have permission to do this, and that, in fact, it is crucial that you do in order to break the old patterns and behaviors that create your dissatisfactions.



Benefits of Living from your Authentic Self


It is important to get to know your True Self and to honor it because it is from this place that you are your best person. And being this best person, you have more to offer the world. When you embrace yourself more fully, and let the True Self be seen by others, you are giving them permission to do the same. This brings more healing and health to both your personal life and to society as a whole.


It is through living your life more transparently (where your affectations, facial and other physical outward expressions truly match how you feel inside) that you are allowing True Self to fully show up in your life. You are owning your truth, knowing you are ok just the way you are. You are, in fact, perfect just the way you are. This leads to being more fully conscious, standing in what you believe and therefore having the opportunities to carve out your life the way you’ve always wanted it.



Long-term Outcomes of Developing this Practice


Over time, it is through delving into this place within that a softening occurs. Your creativity and open-heartedness are heightened. You will experience synchronicities and a feeling of alignment that are indicators that you have arrived. It is a process and takes practice, patience and willingness, like developing a muscle. When you are Being Truly You, you are feeling strong and focused, grounded, open, clear and alive. Your intuition, enthusiasm, motivation, compassion, and patience are maximized. Many other empowering feelings, like calm, balance, love, alertness and motivation, are brought to the fore by your True Self.



If you are not living from this place within and experiencing life in a fulfilling way throughout, then you may want to explore and do some work to help you get more anchored in living your True Self. I would love to discuss with you what kind of work would be the most appropriate for you. Whether it be life coaching, counseling and/or EMDR, let us see how I can assist you on your journey.


When you’re ready to take the next step toward living more true to yourself, contact me online here or call me at (510) 520-2811. I would love to talk with you about your desires and dreams, and help you take the action needed to make them your reality.





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